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NEW 4-H Water Ambassadors Program Advisory Committee Formed

The first 4-H Water Ambassadors Program Advisory Committee was convened December 19, 2019 at the Texas Farm Bureau headquarters building in Waco. The committee's charge is to review and provide recommendations that help guide the future success and sustainability of the program. Topics discussed included program evolution and impact, structure, promotion, application and selection of youth, summer academies, marketing and funding strategies. Committee members are:

  • Dirk Aaron – General Manager, Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District

  • Jay Bragg – Associate Director, Commodity and Regulatory Activities, Texas Farm Bureau

  • Michelle Cooper – Education Coordinator, Southern Ogallala Conservation & Outreach Program

  • Katherine Drury – Education & Outreach Coordinator, High Plains Water District

  • Adeline Fox – Communications Director, Texas Water Conservation Association, Texas Ground Water Association

  • Whitney Grantham – Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent, Bell County AgriLife Extension

  • Meagan Haas – Educational & Conservation Outreach Coordinator, Brazos Valley Groundwater District

  • Stephanie Keith – Education & Public Relations Coordinator, Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

  • Molly McKinney – Former 4-H Water Ambassador (Bexar Co.) and current TAMU student

  • Dianne Meadows – Program Assistant, Wise County AgriLife Extension

  • Roxanna Reyna – Extension Program Specialist, 4-H Youth Development, Roscoe Collegiate ISD

  • David Smith – Extension Program Specialist, 4-H Youth Development/Biological & Agricultural Engineering

  • Julia Stanford – Program & Operations Manager, Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts

  • Preston Sturdivant – 4-H and Youth Development Agent, Anderson County AgriLife Extension

  • Jennifer Thayer - Education & Conservation Outreach Coordinator, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District

  • Michelle Wood-Ramirez – Watershed Coordinator, Tarrant Regional Water District



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